Ari ♥ Ninda

Assisted by Team Mezarc's Shiela Orillo

Makeup by Tippy Destacamento

Hair by Jeno Alberto of Team Tippy Dee

Special thanks to Lyo Barredo of Ortigas Studio PH

I didn't know Ari and Ninda were both Indonesians until we got to know them. They have been living here in the Philippines for years now - and I have to say, I applaud them for learning Tagalog (Ninda speaks nigh-perfect Tagalog).

This was taken on a stormy day. We didn't risk going outdoors for this prenup session so we decided to do it in a studio instead. I started out doing fashion and studio shoots so this should be easy for me. Turns out, I have to do a bit of unlearning and some experimentation to make this prenup as "organic" to the feel as possible. Good thing the studio (Ortigas Studio PH) and Ari and Ninda were both generous enough to share facets of their personalities to the camera.

I can't wait to do some more studio prenup shoots in the future. :-)