Gil ♥ Franz

Photography by Team Mezarc (Mezarc Buslon, Shiela Orillo and Lady Santelices)

Makeup by Jhera Fadol

Special thanks to Marifel Guevarra

When I saw Gil and Franz for the first time, my first thought was "This is a beautiful couple." Not that we are about the superficial, but it was refreshing to see them not only being beautiful on the outside. They're even more beautiful on the inside.

They were a bit concerned about posing and all, but we told them that it's better to just be natural in front of our cameras - and they did. We were glad to capture genuine smiles and laughter. It was infectious. We enjoyed the whole shoot!

Side note: It's refreshing to see brides helping each other out during prenuptial shoots. Thanks to Francez's co-W@Wie bride Marifel for helping out with the styling and the DIY stuff. Also, it was great to be working with an old friend: makeup artist extraordinaire Jhera Fadol for this shoot. Looking forward to the next sessions. :-)