JayR ♥ Karen

Photography by Mezarc Buslon

Save the Date video by Aisle 1401

Makeup by Cheryl delos Reyes

Shot on location at Angelfields, Tagaytay

Also starring: Duchess, Duke, Faye, Prince, Droppy and Princess

It is typical for a prenup shoot to have just the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be in the layouts (with a few extras here and there) but JayR and Karen decided they want to do the shoot with their "babies": the scene-stealing labradors Duke, Duchess, Droppy, Prince, Princess and Faye!

I have to say it was generous of JayR and Karen to put so much of their personalities in this shoot - their sense of humor, their natural cuteness, their "babies", of course, the medical books that they bought, and the first ever film they watched together (The Fast and The Furious - I thought that was cool).