Keeyan ♥ Alma

Photography: Team Matons (Mezarc Buslon & Shiela Orillo)

Makeup (and orchestration): Tippy Destacamento

Videography: Aisle 1401

Wedding cake: Toy Cakes and Pastries by Chef Kiko (assisted by Chef Ken Kinoshita) 

Wedding gown by Boy Kastner Santos

Bouquet: Serge Igonia

Official invites: Czarina Llanora-Pogi and Donna Flores-Mangune (Yay, W@wies!) 

Emcee: Gerald Salcedo

Hair: Jeno Alberto (Team Tippy Dee)

Ceremony at Our Lady of Light Parish

Reception and catering: Largo's Nature Garden

The day my sister became a bride... one more time

To be honest, I initially had second thoughts about posting this entry here because this little online crib of mine should be a repository of my professional works -- and showing this, well, I might go a little more personal than usual. :-)

However, I figured this is not about the photos I took that day. This is a testimony of how God works wonders (and man, do I dare say WONDERS out loud) to make someone's dream come true if you put Him first before anything else.

I don't want to go on blurting some more words here (besides, this page is called "gallery" LOL). Allow me to give you a glimpse of the joy of a moment that was my sister's renewal of vows. If you want to read my personal thoughts on this, read my journal. :-)