Mon ♥ Elle

Second photographer: Shiela Orillo

Save the date video by Aisle 1401

Makeup and hair by Tippy Destacamento

Styling by Rik Gayon

I always make sure to have a positive disposition whenever I have a photography assignment. It is one of my top personal requirements. Mon and Elle just made it far easier for me to laugh and joke around between frames. To be honest, though, we were all praying for sun the whole time 'cause the weather seemed a bit unpredictable - Thank God for hearing our prayers! Mon and Elle reminded me so much of my longtime friends. They were cool, funny and nice. And if that didn't make me feel lucky enough to be working that day - our friends from Aisle 1401 joined the fun and shot a Save The Date video for them. Their presence made the whole shoot a more special one. Shout outs to everyone who participated in the shoot. I had a buh-last!