Nico ♥ Gie

Photographs by Mezarc Buslon

Assisted by Shiela Orillo

Makeup and hair by Tippy Destacamento

Nico and Gie are friends of mine. I knew them from my fashion background so I know that it'd be quite easy to shoot the two of them (i.e. not having to give too many instructions, etc.) if I were to shoot solo portraits of them, of course. :-) This being a prenup shoot, I wanted the images to be all about the chemistry and the moments and I was concerned about everything being too posed. I am just glad that we were all able to find a balance. ^^

I wouldn't mind doing this shoot all over again if I were to bring back time. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot - probably too much fun! I see myself laughing at the outtakes. This was a memorable ride. :-)