I Have Been 1401'ed

As you may (or may not) know, our friends, Aisle 1401, is making our 5K Prenup Run a more special one by giving away a free Save The Date video to some of our lucky couples.

Can't complain about the setup at all. Let me list down why:

1) They're real talented.

2) They're funny as hell. 

3) I learn a lot from them. 

4) We're all foodies... yet we all spend too long deciding where to eat. 

5) They don't seem to mind my being... strange. LOL. Nah, they're all very, very nice! (And, I'm not strange. ^^)

I like me some Aisle 1401.

Below is the link to the Save The Date video they made for one of our couples, Mon and Elle (who are going to have their civil wedding on Sept. 18 - Yay!).  

Click me to watch Mon and Elle's Save The Date vid! 

Click me to watch the rest of Aisle 1401's fab works!